About Me


Hi -- my name is Sharon McAllister. I'm a writer, SEO specialist, and digital advertiser living in Charleston, SC. A proud daughter of a USAF veteran, I was born on Clark Air Force Base in the Philippines; just before I turned two, we were stationed at Shaw Air Force Base in the small town of Sumter, SC, and then later at Charleston Air Force Base in North Charleston, SC, where I grew up. With the exception of a brief three years spent in Tampa, FL, I've lived in Charleston all my life.

I have a diverse professional background that includes publishing, Internet marketing, and content creation. My true loves are SEO, data, and analytics. I enjoy being able to measure everything from web traffic to PPC results to goals and conversions and more, and making informed decisions based on that data. 

Like everyone, I have a variety of interests. I enjoy eating and cooking, writing, reading, traveling, and photography. As mentioned above, I'm a huge data nerd and I like all things Google and Internet. I'm also a pop culture junkie and collect anything related to my favorite comedians/comedy movies, science fiction, fantasy, and horror. 

I earned a BA in History from the College of Charleston. I'm Google Certified in Analytics (IQ), AdWords, and Digital Sales, and I'm a Bing Ads Accredited Professional.

You can view my LinkedIn profile here.